Too Late, Too Late
Here comes my fate
Like those before
I shy away

Too late, too late
To turn away
Fate now beckons
Enclothed in fear

But I can still arise
And I can still surprise
Like spring that comes
To many homes

To those aware
To those who care



That I had followers on Medium. “How could that be?” I asked myself. Well to you my followers a great big thank you.

Of course, because I am active on several other sites, I do have followers elsewhere, and I would suppose that the more I contribute here on Medium. the more people I’ll eventually gain.

I do have a great many interests, history, poetry, film, science-fiction, politics, psychology, love, and religion to name just a few. So this is more of a thank you for following me than any sort of urgent or long message.

Thank you for your time and interest.