Too Late, Too Late
Here comes my fate
Like those before
I shy away

Too late, too late
To turn away
Fate now beckons
Enclothed in fear

But I can still arise
And I can still surprise
Like spring that comes
To many homes

To those aware
To those who care
Never give up
Take the cup

Fate’s not carved in stone
Fate’s of our own to ‘tone.*
It’s never too late,
Until it’s too late.

*Intone or speak or determine.



That I had followers on Medium. “How could that be?” I asked myself. Well to you my followers a great big thank you.

Of course, because I am active on several other sites, I do have followers elsewhere, and I would suppose that the more I contribute here on Medium. the more people I’ll eventually gain.

I do have a great many interests, history, poetry, film, science-fiction, politics, psychology, love, and religion to name just a few. So this is more of a thank you for following me than any sort of urgent or long message.

Thank you for your time and interest.