At the tender young age of 20... seems like millennia ago now, I knew that I would one day the world will witness something world-changing.... we have... many times so far, but eh? what was world-changing 30 years ago is commonplace nowadays...

The world of Star Trek is happening in dribs and drabs all around us... today... right now... Prof Ege keeps us aware that the truly fantastic is lurking just around our cognitive awareness... flip phones are... (remember them from 20 years ago?) communicators.... (you can even get the sound bite of the communicator alert sound from Star Trek: The Original Series now 55 y.o.) and wrist watches that monitor vital signs? Ancient tech nowadays...

We're living the amazing on a daily basis... Aliens will be.... eh... no big deal to those of us who knew that "all the government presented evidence, along with their explanations haven't been totally dissuasive..."


Just another human being

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