CiViL wAr

Michael Craven
1 min readJan 31, 2022


There is no such war that is civil, that is respectful and kind. War is legalized, state-sanctioned, murder. Fed by the blood of dissenters and supporters alike. Blindly striking targets strategical, tactical, and collateral with impunity. Disguised as virtue the despot invades enslaving the brilliant and dull equally. Choose wisely and live free. Choose poorly and die enslaved.

The shadow of order passes
Leaving in its wake only chaos.

Laws written by whim of despotes
With ink drawn from veins of victims.

Justice dies among the flames
Murdered by racial hatred and fear.

Empathy and mercy evaporate like clouds
Scorched by religious fervor and zeal.

The winds of change howling
Through ruined castles of lucre.

Ethics and morals bought and sold
Safe and secure crumbs of stale bread.

Fools ignoring wisdom by
Seeking knowledge with their eyes only.

Dark matters with razor edges
Folly and pain that rage at truth.

Seeking certainty and status
Canceling both by their search.

Announcing themselves masters
They became prisoners of their pride.

Would they have should and chosen
Peace and joy and wisdom and better.



Michael Craven