It's the tie in with national sin that really gets me. I'm a Christian, most of my fellow Christians are "Pro-Life." Some like me are pariahs like me because they believe like me that God, the sinner is the one who will be held responsible for making their own choices. But it seems this isn't enough for those adamant. We must be more in control of others choices.

Abortion, as a procedure, is tough on the mom. I know several women who have had abortions, and they are still haunted by their decision. And yes it is even tougher on the fetus... I get it... But I have no right to tell a woman that she must not kill. SHe knows she must not kill. We live in a countyry where the laws reflect the Judeo-Christian value system.

But, I can't see makling abortion illegal, simply because I don't agree with the theological views of those choose to get one, regardless of their reasons. Would I ever recommend it? No, never. But I also don't want to see returning to the back alleys desperate for relief from, what they see as an impossible future, a pregnacy which may or may not turn out badly for mother or child.

These legislators are being "cowed" into believing they are doing what is right for most. Too bad. Whether all those wonderful sweet kindly churgoing people understand it or not, some amnong their very numbers have already had the procedures but bear a burden of guilt, that even if they now admit their actions, they will still be shunned. Seen as somehow "not quite as good or as holy" as the rest.

Just one more reason younger people are leaving the churches in numbers that are increasing each year. Revival starts with each claiming Christ as their lord and savior.

Just another human being

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